Anneka Rice (Official Website)
AnnekaRice I can't bear that that's all over #WarAndPeace
AnnekaRice So tenderly done #callthemidwife
AnnekaRice @tonyriches @BBCiPlayer What a documentary. Glad you enjoyed it
AnnekaRice The RDA does a great job. Do watch this and see for yourself
AnnekaRice Last night brilliant Rabbit Hole @Hamps_Theatre and then the QI party to welcome the gorgeous glorious @sanditoksvig. Dry Feb collapsed
AnnekaRice Utterly love @chris_kammy and his pies but I don't think he'll win this. I'm psychic #GBBOSportRelief
AnnekaRice My whole life is like #GroundhogDay. Mostly I just build up to putting out the rubbish on a Monday morning
AnnekaRice Thank you @isobel_roge for cheeky matinee trip to see the amazing Ellen Terry with Eileen Atkins #The Globe #SamWanamakerPlayhouse
AnnekaRice My printer drives me mad. It's so dramatic, spluttering and juddering. Why can't it just print without the histrionics. I literally hate it
AnnekaRice Very sad to hear about dear kind Terry Wogan. What a hole there'll be at the BBC. A one-off broadcaster
AnnekaRice Okay I reckon that's about four of you, definitely worth doing the show for
AnnekaRice I'll take that as a no. Debating whether to turn round and go back to bed
AnnekaRice Is anyone awake?i'm heading into work @BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice Thanks to Angela and Sophie for telling me about their extraordinary work @homelesslondon #MakeADifference
AnnekaRice Great to meet inspiring team @homelesslondon.We renovated the soup kitchen at St Martin's 23 yrs ago #ChallengeAnneka.Exciting changes now
AnnekaRice New look for #Barbie #Radio4. I used to find her boobs terrifying. Now this was a role model! My old Patch #tomboy
AnnekaRice That was amazing #ntlive #LesLiaisonsDangereuses Am exhausted and heading for a convent
AnnekaRice Beautiful out this afternoon
AnnekaRice Having the perfect storm of a day. Painting with Maggi Hambling now and #NTLive #LesLiaisonsDangereuses later
AnnekaRice @dean Yup, gone
AnnekaRice Huge congrats @gough_denise for winning Best Actress for People,places & Things. #CriticsCircleAwards
AnnekaRice @RebeccaFront Lovely to meet you too. Did not @WhichPennySmith do a fantastic job, impressive as she was blind drunk
AnnekaRice You were a good date @jennyeclair Not too greedy, looked good, wanted to get to bed early
AnnekaRice Am now tucked up in bed reading this after exciting eve @CostaBookAwards
AnnekaRice @g111les Does it? What does that do, apart from make a nice sack?
AnnekaRice @CheekyMonkeyGin You're right. Then the daunting task of getting thru all the booze
AnnekaRice I am about to blitz this, drink this, then have a piece of cake
AnnekaRice @tds153 @DeaBirkett Are you next door?
AnnekaRice @photograph247 Looks like a film set. Stunning