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AnnekaRice RT @hughlaurie: Of course I'll disagree with you. Otherwise, what's the point in there being two of us?
AnnekaRice Short poses with the glorious Lidia today.
AnnekaRice RT @jack_hamilton: i wish he was driving around in a psychedelic volkswagen van with STRUGGLE BUS painted on the side
AnnekaRice Didn't know whether to eat or paint it @RiverCafeLondon. Amazing
AnnekaRice Talk about recycling!
AnnekaRice Settling down to #Hostages as need to fill hole left by Spiral and Broadchurch. What's the vibe? Goldstar, baklava?
AnnekaRice @johnd105473 To be honest, I nearly died in Poundland
AnnekaRice Quite stiff after Poundland.
AnnekaRice Just done Poundland and Primark with my elderly lady, 91 #befriending. Laden up like a Crackerjack contestant. Anyone remember that?
AnnekaRice RT @StephenMcGann: Nope. Not comparing any market whatsoever with these sinister bleeders. HT @BuzzFeedUK http://t.…
AnnekaRice Anyone else nervous about #BroadchurchFinale. We've come so far #slightlyhysterical
AnnekaRice Great to see @HelenJMacdonald on #Countryfile. Her book H is for Hawk is stunning.
AnnekaRice Just caught myself singing along to the hymns on Songs of P, following the subtitles! WHAT! To be fair watching cos Jane Hawking a guest
AnnekaRice RT @CollectorManiac: Wonderful interview with Jonathan Miller by @AnnekaRice on R2 Arts Show, starts 14m. Quality Yorkshire accent... http:…
AnnekaRice @RobDwyer My SISTER will get a big hug, yes
AnnekaRice These are making my heart skip today
AnnekaRice @malprin do you realise that my/your Dr Who figures featured in @AnthonyHorowitz's 500 word story on @BBCRadio2 Arts Show last night?
AnnekaRice Here we go again @BBCRadio2. Hope you enjoyed the Arts Show last night. If you're tuned in again now, WELL DONE
AnnekaRice A treat to interview Jonathan Miller about his new King Lear @NBroadsides. Listen tonight @BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice Thank you @AnthonyHorowitz for writing a story about me for #500words It's hilarious! Read here ..
AnnekaRice RT @schmotime: Well, I never ever thought that I would feature in an @AnthonyHorowitz story with @AnnekaRice - but it has happened!! http:/…
AnnekaRice @StrictlyDancer All the episodes have been brilliant but I was particularly spellbound last night, so tense and understated #WolfHall
AnnekaRice just watched last night's #WolfHall. One of the most compelling hour's of drama I've seen for a long time.
AnnekaRice @malprin Well you'd only have nicked them while I was in the building so easier to admit defeat this way
AnnekaRice Loved The Railway Children. Acting and the train magnificent. Nephew excited to sit next to Sean Lock!
AnnekaRice @Benji_E_Lewis Hi there, The buggy is in a tv car museum somewhere and the lorry has been returned to Leyland Daff and resprayed I presume!
AnnekaRice 50 shades of blue on the IOW today. Stunning clear skies. Good weekend to choose for a wedding methinks