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AnnekaRice @too_sartrean I think you're right. Poor thing. What a start to married life
AnnekaRice Look sorry to bang on about this but is the bride-to-be from week 2 still up in the attic covered in butter? #TheTribe @Channel4
AnnekaRice @emmaquinn @Channel4 I agree, that's what makes it mesmerising. Apart from the goat's blood. We're not doing a load of that here at home
AnnekaRice #TheTribe @Channel4 is extraordinary. Do watch ..
AnnekaRice Glorious day painting. Sadly blobs on shirt more impressive than painting. But location location #isleofwight
AnnekaRice Momento from yesterday @RoundtheIsland. Painted from a bouncy rib, dash of sea spray, egg sandwich and hula hoop
AnnekaRice Amazing to see the spectacle of over 1500 boats stream across the horizon @RoundtheIsland race #IsleofWight
AnnekaRice Just going through my post @BBCRadio2. Thank you @eliistender10 for beautiful book Little Bell and The Moon
AnnekaRice @ginnywot Radio 2 6-8 am!
AnnekaRice Anyone got a conundrum for tomorrow's show? Preferably involving a nun, a goat and 4 Welshmen. You know the kind of thing.
AnnekaRice What's happened to the bride-to/be from last week who's being kept in the attic covered in butter?? #thetribe
AnnekaRice Been lovely sketching Matthew today. Haven't done him justice. Blue? He's got the most beautiful gleaming black bod
AnnekaRice Hot day in studio. Model correctly undressed
AnnekaRice Cucumber in a jug of iced water turns out to be a sensation
AnnekaRice Element of madness depends on what your job is?!
AnnekaRice @RGhatora How did I get up there? Seem to remember a long climb. Treasure Hunt was one long climb, jump, hurtle, leap of faith
AnnekaRice Particularly fine Woman's Hour today @BBCRadio4. Taylor Swift to Barbara Hepworth.
AnnekaRice @RGhatora @alanagr I remember hanging off a wire from a helicopter over a mountain.!'
AnnekaRice Beautiful early morning swim #bracing
AnnekaRice RT @HarriettSG: Sex, death & aimless wandering. Less than an hr till @stephenkamos & @AnnekaRice swap favourite books on A Good Read, 4.30p…
AnnekaRice @juliewebblark @Tate I loved the exhibition, especially seeing the exquisite guarea carvings
AnnekaRice @h_barrpol The date was my ex-husband. I keep telling him he's changed ..
AnnekaRice Best evening @secretcinema. Absolutely bonkers and ingenious from start to finish #StarWars
AnnekaRice @annaroseeroo The book was The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins, Antonia Hodgson. Glad you enjoyed the show
AnnekaRice @JBlake19 SORRY!!!!
AnnekaRice @JBlake19 Um, try the ones on the right?
AnnekaRice @tony_milburn @BBCRadio2 Well that's no good! Anyway, good morning
AnnekaRice Some light broadcasting is about to commence @BBCRadio2 . Are you up?