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AnnekaRice Blimey. Pair of waders waiting for me in hotel. Tomorrow's filming is going to be interesting ..
AnnekaRice I love #chroniclesofnadiya! Nadiya is funny, warm, and SO good in front of a camera. What a natural. Move over everyone else.
AnnekaRice All of them please #GBBO
AnnekaRice Just caught myself alone and paley loitering in the sitting room waiting for #GBBO.
AnnekaRice Congrats to @on_thebutton #edfringe. Thank you for 'invoking my spirit' for such a good cause!
AnnekaRice @daveriley12 @PorthcawlRNLI @itvthismorning @RNLI Thanks for all your help. Great day.
AnnekaRice @markjustinford No, sadly. Just a little film for This morning.
AnnekaRice Surreal filming at Porthcawl today. Love Wales!
AnnekaRice Great to work with the team at RNLI Porthcawl this morning for @itvthismorning
AnnekaRice @TellyAlastair I think it is or it might be a remand centre. I might be unwittingly in the middle of a reality TVs show.
AnnekaRice @Greg668 I'm in a cell. I like the punishment
AnnekaRice @hibrowser Yes, had a whirlwind visit. Wish i was back there right now ...
AnnekaRice My mattress is so hard I've drawn blood just brushing against it #rocknroll
AnnekaRice Oh dear. There are 2 windows in my hotel room..It's not all glamour you know.
AnnekaRice Our Judas tree has gone into extreme camouflage this year. It thinks we can't see it. Duh
AnnekaRice Can't we shove some of this lottery money into schools.I mean well done medalists but just as exciting to play competitive school sport
AnnekaRice @ChristmasDavid Don't get me started on recycling. That happens this eve. Don't want to peak too early
AnnekaRice Honestly not sure I am
AnnekaRice @FarringtonsThe I mean, they are ridiculously dazzling
AnnekaRice Frankly I think Persil are missing a trick. My whites are ridiculous
AnnekaRice @FarringtonsThe Yes! But why aren't I on a beach in St Tropez??
AnnekaRice It's actually all gone horribly wrong. Shouldn't I be on a SuperYacht somewhere? #livingthedream #thirdloadofwashing #possiblyamouse
AnnekaRice Loving @piratejw this afternoon @BBCRadio2 as I do heaps of washing! #livingthedream
AnnekaRice Just found out Olympics over on Sunday. Haven't a clue how at least 10 sports work. Need more time
AnnekaRice @kiltedsplendour @BBCRadio2 I agree, great song
AnnekaRice Following up from our chat @bbcradio2. All going on down the beach!
AnnekaRice Join me @BBCRadio2 6-8 tomorrow.I've put about a stone on this week so you may not recognise me but I'll be the one stuck in my chair. Night
AnnekaRice @DelaneyMan It's a scandal
AnnekaRice Sad Brading got the bottom spot.It's lovely!Roman Villa, ancient town.Osborne Hse is Mayfair #isleofwight #goodgame
AnnekaRice Niece and I watching the diving. Technical chat. 'Where do you think a hamstring is?' and 'Do you think they can keep their costumes?'