Anneka Rice (Official Website)
AnnekaRice Amazing crop art being done in Japan on a massive scale with thousands of different varieties of rice plants
AnnekaRice @Luma_in_Barnes Ooh,I'll come and look!
AnnekaRice Waiting for news all week so frantic displacement activity. Garden painted and planted, anyone need any jobs done?
AnnekaRice Artists, found a great use for old canvas -as a plant tray. From boot of car to garden, no mud, unsightly leakages
AnnekaRice @ThatSimonRowley I agree, I can't stop listening either
AnnekaRice Ecstatic that @KinksMusical won best Musical. And John Dagleish Best Actor in a Musical.
AnnekaRice @WhichPennySmith John Dagleish!!!!!!!
AnnekaRice Missed not being backstage for the Oliviers tonight. Gone to ITV, boo
AnnekaRice @SDWheatley you are right, I had it confirmed by all the locals. Was thrown by @BBCRadio2 listeners on Saturday insisting on Stukey but no!
AnnekaRice Or is Stevenage on fire?
AnnekaRice Sunset is stunning - even through car windscreen and pylons on the A1.
AnnekaRice And as for the Bishop of Lynn! Proud to hold his staff while he sprinkled holy water over #LucyLavers. What a day
AnnekaRice Loved my day at STIFFKEY @rescuewoodenboats with David Cox and #LucyLavers restoration team. Congrats all.
AnnekaRice @jollyolly @BBCRadio2 You're probably more ready than I am! But coffee slowly working ...
AnnekaRice How I have loved Lloyd Jones' Mister Pip. Bereft without it.
AnnekaRice @MaireadyMurray @butlersgin @FeverTreeMixers Can I come round to yours?
AnnekaRice RT @RescueWoodBoats: Looking forward to #LucyLavers' Pre-Launch tomorrow, 11am, @RescueWoodBoats Visitor Centre, Stiffkey, NR23 1QF!!! http…
AnnekaRice @trojancliff Don't tempt me!
AnnekaRice Now I'm just being childish
AnnekaRice In manic choc displacement effort have been power washing the patio. Shocked at pollution from the flight path in 1yr
AnnekaRice @lisamzeus I agree, in the 90s everything seemed possible!!
AnnekaRice @MaireadyMurray Waaaat, this sounds utterly delicious.
AnnekaRice RT @MaireadyMurray: @AnnekaRice if you wanna go wild, my fave is vodka with coconut water, fresh lime, mint & a few blueberries!
AnnekaRice @MaireadyMurray What a stunning thought. Will stock up tomorrow. The Vodka Diet sounds good
AnnekaRice @clarebalding @wormwoodpony Have you met the awesome Sister Joy?
AnnekaRice RT @clarebalding: @AnnekaRice you built the arena for @wormwoodpony and it’s still going strong. I was dead impressed with your handiwork!