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AnnekaRice I've cleaned out the garage and put up a small shelf. Can't speak for Nicole
AnnekaRice And after the glamour of last night, I'm now off to the dump. I wonder how Nicole Kidman's day is panning out
AnnekaRice @henpickednet Think I go head first usually #jelly babies
AnnekaRice And did I mention James McAvoy Best Actor award. Exhausted by name dropping.Going home to bed #eveningstandardawards
AnnekaRice Nicole Kidman was a delight. Best actress award @standardnews
AnnekaRice Things are looking up backstage. Found the booze under the jelly babies
AnnekaRice Sitting backstage now waiting to interview winners @EveningStandard Awards. We had crisps and jelly babies for supper @BBCRadio2 #bbccuts
AnnekaRice @ADLJ @BBCRadio2 it's Pentatonix Can't Sleep Love. Glad you liked it
AnnekaRice Amazing eve @WinterWonderLDN . Xmas a bit early but whatever
AnnekaRice @jennyeclair I Love this
AnnekaRice Beautiful poses by Adrian this morning #lifedrawing
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 Never, you know that already
AnnekaRice @AnitaaAnderson Your paintings are beautiful!
AnnekaRice @PollySamson Just loving you and David at home, on film. You're both mesmerising. Brilliant programme
AnnekaRice I wish I had Tess Daly's arms #childreninneed
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 ...but now fricking terrified!
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 Re-learning the piano in time for a public concert in December.Haven't played since I was 13.Seemed a good idea when asked ..
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 Ha! I know what a novella is. Just think it would also be a fine gelato ice cream. Will keep you posted re paintings Ax
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 Working on an exhibition. Novella sounds interesting? Like an ice cream or something involving coffee
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 Aw thanks. Nothing like a messy nude. How are things going?
AnnekaRice Sploshy evening. Still don't know his name #lifedrawing
AnnekaRice Wow,been having spam crisis with hundreds of notifications pouring in.Must be how it is for @stephenfry. Prefer small and perfectly formed
AnnekaRice Nice one @BBCOne @royalbritishleg Very beautifully shot
AnnekaRice 6am Let the day break @bbcradio2.
AnnekaRice Steve Wright @BBCRadio2 has #DrWho in today! I happen to be working in next door studio. Strangely excited.
AnnekaRice @peterken74 What have I done to destroy your childhood?! That is some responsibility
AnnekaRice Quick two minute poses today with the lyrical Adrian #lifedrawing