Anneka Rice (Official Website)
AnnekaRice Last night 30th birthday celebrations at Les Mis. Original cast, creative team, amazing eve. Everyone sobbing
AnnekaRice @averyswinemimi That is extremely helpful Mimi!!!
AnnekaRice @AttwoodRees Thank you. Have spent most of the day looking at it in horror
AnnekaRice Can't believe I missed #ThisIsEngland90 @ShadyMeadows Just watched whole lot on catch up. Brilliant
AnnekaRice @robtfr I remember thinking it was a strange way to make a living
AnnekaRice Barry this evening. Got caught in rain afterwards and he's dissolved. #shame
AnnekaRice @nige334 Happy Birthday Nigel!
AnnekaRice Enjoying my Twitter birthday, thank you for good wishes. Do you all expect cake later? How this all work?
AnnekaRice An abundance of mellow fruitfulness #iisleofwight
AnnekaRice Heavenly lunch at Best Dressed Crab #isleofwight
AnnekaRice @PamecookPam @Mazzasgarden @BBCRadio2 It's on the Radio 2 Facebook page X
AnnekaRice @Mazzasgarden @BBCRadio2 Conundrum on Facebook now
AnnekaRice Stand by for conundrum @BBCRadio2 (forgot to do it before the news)
AnnekaRice Are you up? Shall we skip the light fandango @BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice @indieannie That's tough, Challenge isn't an easy name to go through life with
AnnekaRice We have mistaken identities 4Play tomorrow morn @BBCRadio2 after confusion this week #AnnekaAggersUlrikagate
AnnekaRice @PhilbertDrati You were all epic. Loved my day. See you at Xmas. What goes on at the Xmas party .. etc
AnnekaRice @oppoftop I'm not beautiful or forgiving
AnnekaRice @katieroebuck Love a grab in a bar
AnnekaRice @Aggerscricket Or are you confusing it with Gatwick?
AnnekaRice @Aggerscricket @RDAnational Not a knob! More a small button? JOKE
AnnekaRice About to do a treasure hunt with@B3Living
AnnekaRice @brtoon yes, so far and they all seem to be called Mate
AnnekaRice @brtoon very kind of you to ask. 7 men in my bedroom yesterday. All doing different things
AnnekaRice @Aggerscricket My breath is bated
AnnekaRice Great evening @RDAnational gala recognising volunteers, vets, children for their amazing work! And a horse! Though he didn't attend.
AnnekaRice @Aggerscricket Am tweeting so I have written evidence of our meeting last night @RDAnational You know how I forget these things ...
AnnekaRice @AmbridgeCricket I think i might move to Ambridge