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AnnekaRice TV's 50 Greatest Magic Tricks on Channel 5 right now is great entertainment ...
AnnekaRice Gin O'Clock, thank God. Hell of a weekend #iisleofwightday
AnnekaRice The usual Tess Daly arm envy #sigh #Strictly
AnnekaRice Happy #IsleofWightDay islanders! I went to town with the bunting in my studio this morning.Will be celebrating with…
AnnekaRice @nationaltrust I love my spade but sadly I have to hand it over to Alan Titchmarsh.
AnnekaRice RT @BBCRadio2: Happy Isle of Wight Day! @AnnekaRice invites you to join in the celebrations. All your usual Saturday features here too. Joi…
AnnekaRice Channelled inner Blue Peter today and made a spade at Patterson's Spade Mill.Thank you lovely Colin Dawson.…
AnnekaRice Thank you @corrymeela for welcoming me back. So pleased the centre is flourishing. #ChallengeAnneka #21years
AnnekaRice @corrymeela Leaving Belfast now. See you in an hour or so
AnnekaRice Enjoyable morning filming @CrownBarBelfast @nationaltrust.Stunning cathedral-like interior, painstakingly restored
AnnekaRice @misterdodgy That is so funny! She should have said hello
AnnekaRice @corrymeela @Ursaminorbakes Is that en route?
AnnekaRice @corrymeela So excited. We'll probably arrive about 1.30!!
AnnekaRice @corrymeela I am in Belfast at the moment and thinking of heading over to see you this afternoon? Haven't been back since the Challenge ..
AnnekaRice Oh lovely Val #GBBO
AnnekaRice @Aggerscricket or even, hope so ...
AnnekaRice @Aggerscricket I hope do for your sake!!!
AnnekaRice @Aggerscricket I can't make it! Am distraught. Was so looking forward to being Ulrika for the evening
AnnekaRice Dear Sons, Bakewell Tart on my deathbed, thank you #GBBO
AnnekaRice This is killing me #GBBO
AnnekaRice @invinciblekop Aah, I loved that project
AnnekaRice Haven't been thru Belfast Airport since the 90s. Then it was all tanks, heavy security. Now straight thru, where's the pub?
AnnekaRice @lomelindi12 Shouldn't Helen and Jess get on with it then? Or maybe they feel Brexit is Brexit
AnnekaRice I might have missed a bit of plot but why has Rob not been questioned over rape allegations? #thearchers
AnnekaRice I hope Helen is taking Henry to school this morning #thearchers
AnnekaRice Any suggestions for lunch in Trogir #Croatia
AnnekaRice Split. We've peaked. Our cup runneth over.
AnnekaRice Mljet was stunning (the flag was needed to alert the boatman) #nationalpark #Croatia