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AnnekaRice Could listen to @Mark_Goldring1 for hours talking about #inequality @hayfestival. What a man! Lucky @oxfamgb
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 Mostly do large nudes but fond of cows, deer, anything with knobbly bits
AnnekaRice @mikehall2512 @eliistender10 That was obviously a good day. Usually under a big hat asleep
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 @BBCRadio2 YOU ARE TOO KIND
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 Already half way there. Hic 🍸🍸
AnnekaRice @janicehill53 Go Girl!!!!
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 Hoola says wild abandon, out there, no borders. Hula - control freak in a small packet
AnnekaRice @janicehill53 Hope what you're doing instead is honest, legal and decent!!
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 Hula not hoola. Who'd have thought. (Loved There's a Lion in My Bathroom)
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 What makes me SAD? I am feeling wildly celebratory. I've now got the champagne out, hoola hoops, everything
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 Well, talk about a good start to the weekend! Am celebrating that happy news with a soggy party popper
AnnekaRice Just been to John Illsley's beautiful art exhibition.This is what he does when he's not in Dire Straits. Good, eh?
AnnekaRice @ducksnchickens I even had them propped up in the Radio4 studio as a reminder. I despair
AnnekaRice Oh bollox - arriving home with 2 letters that needed posting, now crumpled and hot after hand bag experience
AnnekaRice Imelda Staunton is phenomenal in Gypsy. Hello Oliviers
AnnekaRice You can see more of its head in this pic.So tender.And go see his massive 10 foot rearing horses #ChelseaFlowerShow
AnnekaRice @freshlygroundpr @cerysmatthews @Plankbridge @TheGardensGroup Sorry, did I eat too much cake? It always happens
AnnekaRice Marvel at this tortoise sculpture by James Doran-Webb,made from driftwood.He's given it to me!! #ChelseaFlowerShow
AnnekaRice I seem to be in large Indian cooking pot #RHSChelsea
AnnekaRice @bryhercharlie You've emerged!! How was/is the Lake District?💙
AnnekaRice @Henriettagraham How are you? Just had a few days in the Scillies and thought of you.
AnnekaRice @pceskew @BBCRadio2 It's Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park!
AnnekaRice @pikerdennis spellcheck!
AnnekaRice RT @WhichPennySmith: CHEESE RT @VicHislop: @WhichPennySmith @AnnekaRice was it real or was it a cheese-inspired dream?Thanx@FrankBarretMoS …
AnnekaRice I seem to have morphed into a Rhododendron. Isabella Plantation at Richmond Park is breathtaking.
AnnekaRice @AnnekaSvenska @Ellen_Ford1 @HSKWaterstones @DogaYogamahny I thought I was suddenly looking rather young and attractive!
AnnekaRice @WhichPennySmith @VicHislop Wish I'd stolen a bit more. Am lying in bed fantasising about its creaminess.
AnnekaRice @jennyeclair You do good panda x
AnnekaRice @twitchingphil The quay is still going strong, 25 years later (thank God)