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AnnekaRice RT @Sarsbars89: @AnnekaRice here's the link to vote to get the UK to the European slam finals! Would you be able to spread the word? http:/…
AnnekaRice About to go on air @BBCRadio2 . Today we'll be discussing whether Quantum Physics is all it's cracked up to be. JOKE
AnnekaRice This will be my first Twitter Xmas. What's the etiquette? Drinks?
AnnekaRice Good luck again tonight brilliant cast @KFNotting_Hill There will be a new incumbent in the croc suit. #mystery man
AnnekaRice RT @KFNotting_Hill: We had so much fun at #PortobelloPanto last night @TabernacleW11 if your yet to watch it you're in for a treat! Great c…
AnnekaRice Cameo in the Portabello Panto tonight @TabernacleW11 #bonkers
AnnekaRice @BobbyOhBurn Is is '100 Recipes in No Time At All'? If so, I think it was a 1994 Challenge for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Hope this helps
AnnekaRice Relaxing afternoon
AnnekaRice @LatymerUpper, The Prep Choir were brilliant last night @NordoffRobbins1 carols. Beautiful singing and they were thrilled to meet Bill Nighy
AnnekaRice Fretful sleep last night cos of #TheMissing. Very disturbed by desperate ending
AnnekaRice @jojomoyes But actually, 2 minutes later, I'm thinking it was brilliant #TheMissing
AnnekaRice @jojomoyes After all that! I've spent weeks on this. That was not a satisfactory ending #TheMissing
AnnekaRice Lovely carols @NordoffRobbins1 with Bill Nighy, @Garyjkemp and other great performers. Feeling v Xmasy now
AnnekaRice Tiger Country @Hamps_Theatre really gripping. Go see if you are lurking in North London
AnnekaRice Back in London, sky's gone mad
AnnekaRice Morning! From Isle of Wight
AnnekaRice Here we go, baffled and confused already - and that's just the titles #homeland
AnnekaRice “@Kry_Wolf: Highlight of weekend was seeing @AnnekaRice on the hovercraft”. Highlight for me - being on that hovercraft #blissfulweekend
AnnekaRice Good morning, is anyone else finding it difficult to get going today? We're about to go live @BBCRadio2 so I'd better get my act together 😴
AnnekaRice Xmas light in Carnaby St make me chuckle every time, They're so on message
AnnekaRice @talbocharlotte Am so upset to hear about Gillian. Had no idea. Is she ok?
AnnekaRice @talbocharlotte @Gillian_Lynne @RoyalFreeNHS @CatsMusical What terrible news! I am devastated for you Gillian - all thoughts with you xx
AnnekaRice RT @bbcmusic: And we thought @gregjames would be the tallest man at the #BBCMusicAwards! Who knew it would be @iamwill & @CodyWise? http://…
AnnekaRice @MichaelEavis1 Er, helicopter is tricky, it's stuck in the 80s. It might have to be the 11.06 from Paddington
AnnekaRice @pompeyrabbi It's going very well thank you. Thank you for asking.
AnnekaRice @AdeleRoberts Great to see you too. Hope all well xx
AnnekaRice EEK am revved up and ready to go @MichaelEavis1: @AnnekaRice Bring your helicopter and you can come to my farm to find the clue anytime.”
AnnekaRice @MichaelEavis1 I long to come and paint your cows