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AnnekaRice @stevenprowse I will get techy friend onto this. There are excerpts from it on my website
AnnekaRice @WhichPennySmith @jennyeclair Obviously I'd done the cleaning and cooked the cabbage before the reading
AnnekaRice @jennyeclair Am loving 'Freedom', Jonathan Franzen. Delighted it's too wet to get out of bed today
AnnekaRice This cheered me up on a dismal morning.
AnnekaRice Reading papers,'Didn't realise Frederick Forsyth was an M16 agent' I say.Son incredulous he fitted that in with punishing Strictly schedule
AnnekaRice Bracing myself for puddings tonight @BritishBakeOff. We have 3 sorts of Hagendaz and a trifle standing by #coping mechanism
AnnekaRice @thealexavery it was YOU. We decided it was some rabid madman!
AnnekaRice @Nottscountydan This is still making me chuckle. Have removed the hockey stick now
AnnekaRice @BeautylandUk a Glass of wine in bath after v cold swim has done the trick
AnnekaRice @BeautylandUk The light, the legs ... the head, the arms, the tutu ....
AnnekaRice This has driven me mad this afternoon. I am about to fling myself in the sea
AnnekaRice Dancers today, thanks to my Goddaughter's fine modelling
AnnekaRice @talbocharlotte Your hubby is a genius #LesMiserables
AnnekaRice @talbocharlotte We are sobbing through Les Mis ... again.
AnnekaRice Beautiful sail pass just now to honour passing of local resident #isleofwight
AnnekaRice Heading back thru a film set to London to be ready for show tomorrow. 6-8am BBCRadio2 #isleofwight
AnnekaRice My lemons have shrivelled
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 Just got back from the dump. I'm reckoning your day may be going slightly better? Seaside?
AnnekaRice @ironmania Is this me? If only, 25 years on ….
AnnekaRice @brtoon That's it for this year. Back to the other fringe mayhem which is my home life
AnnekaRice In other domestic news, there are ants swarming over the kitchen floor and several strangers asleep upstairs. I'm home.
AnnekaRice Just put £300 through a washing cycle. Notes emerged startled and damp
AnnekaRice @averyswinemimi Word is that I ran up it once. Waaaat?
AnnekaRice @PaulBobbiFett Are you telling me I RAN up Arthur's Seat?
AnnekaRice Just staggered up to Arthur's Seat and someone had already put down a towel! #Edinburgh #beautiful
AnnekaRice @maggieannbain You were amazing, many congrats for great reviews.
AnnekaRice @ManToManFringe I really enjoyed it, thank YOU
AnnekaRice Escaped mayhem @NatGalleriesSco to see Lee Miller Picasso exhibit. Loved it, along with the beautiful stairwell
AnnekaRice RT @bbcarts: Fascinating @AnnekaRice chat w/ @SimonMcBurney about The Encounter @MarcusduSautoy @BBCEdFest http://t.…