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AnnekaRice @astro_timpeake Am gripped by your adventure.Congrats on the marathon.Do you havefavourite song from your childhood for my show @BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice @TheStevenThomas @BBCRadio4 Melvyn is so lyrical he could recite quantum physics and I'd listen
AnnekaRice Loved that In Our Time on mathematics @BBCRadio4. Absolutely no understanding of it but fascinating 😐
AnnekaRice @CCShirl It was a great evening. Loved all the performances, especially the Unthanks, Sam and Norma
AnnekaRice @eannac1 Wouldn't recommend blended laser surgery.I'm left with much much worse eyesight. It might take a year to improve if ever.
AnnekaRice Yay, Unthanks just won Best Album Award #FolkAwards @BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice Acoustics in @RoyalAlbertHall brilliant for folk music.We're having a musical feast.Joan Armatrading, Norma Waterson, Sam Lee so far
AnnekaRice Standing ovation for the wondrous Norma Waterson #FolkAwards @BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice @albooth2 Good luck tonight everyone @BBCRadio2. Really looking forward to it
AnnekaRice @Libmoggy @BBCTheArchers I can only shudder at the secret visits to his old school to sign Henry up for boarding at 6!
AnnekaRice Rob seemingly being kind and gentle with Henry, but is he being careful cos he knows we're all listening? #thearchers #doingmyheadin
AnnekaRice @WhichPennySmith Good question. I think 'I'm Stuck in DownDog' for the Grand National would be good. You?
AnnekaRice Staggered through an hour of yoga. Honestly, if I was a horse they'd put me down
AnnekaRice #Shakespeare400 #TheCompleteWalk Seen 12 plays so far.TobyJones as Falstaff a highlight.Arctic chill means we've stopped for foaming mead
AnnekaRice RT @AlexWattsEsq: Oh, not Shakespeare too. What a year.
AnnekaRice RT @BBCRadio2: Morning! @annekarice is here to kick start your's gonna be a good one 😎
AnnekaRice Morning has broken 🌞@BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice Tomorrow's show @BBCRadio2 I'd like to know about your pension arrangements.What are they up to?Netflix & a Chinese? Bowls & a cheese scone?
AnnekaRice My 92 year old befriendee has just blown me out. She's got other, better plans today. Honestly, these 90 yr olds #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty
AnnekaRice @Coyotes_Bar Yes, but I still loved his music
AnnekaRice Waaat? #prince STOP THIS
AnnekaRice @Chalkie100 It would seem to be a winning formula
AnnekaRice Touching to see all the 90 year olds wishing theQueen a HB on the news.But what are the Royals on?Philip bounding about like a gazelle.AT 94
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 Will be waving at the telly from under my duvet. GOOD LUCK
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 Hope your training has gone well. Will be thinking of you this weekend. Good luck!
AnnekaRice Such a sobering shock that Victoria Wood has gone that I have consumed nearly a bottle of wine. Now watching her genius on youtube
AnnekaRice @h_barrpol The nation will be genuinely bereft.