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AnnekaRice @ninefor22 Hmmm, leave it with me.
AnnekaRice Swift segue today from 6Music Breakfast to lunchtime concert with my old ladies. Soup,Mozart and carols #befriending
AnnekaRice Now firmly in 1989 thanks to @BBC6Music. Someone's just sent me this. That phone! The Lycra!
AnnekaRice About to go on @BBC6Music to talk about what a great year 1989 is turning out to be ...
AnnekaRice Painting beautiful Lidia today #travelswithmyart h
AnnekaRice Are we all back in the room? That was beyond complicated but @Misskeeleyhawes was compelling and I loved it #themissing
AnnekaRice Here we go #themissing. All will make sense shortly 'snorts'
AnnekaRice Look, Jordan hasn't died, he's just gone back to the hotel. #i'macelebrity
AnnekaRice Excitement building for 4 yr old Tana's nativity play. Can hardly wait
AnnekaRice Leaves falling from our Judas Tree this morning like gentle rain. And the bunting's collapsed. Hello Winter
AnnekaRice @thealexavery @flygirlNHM I'll get back to you on that...
AnnekaRice Biblical. The locusts. What's the point of them? #planetearth2
AnnekaRice Utterly entranced by #planetearth2 for the second time @bbc1. This bird's mating transformation is like a Pixar ani…
AnnekaRice @ElgEmma1 Ah, I see what you mean now. Thought there was an art thing going on ...
AnnekaRice Where's Ruth? #thearchers
AnnekaRice Can't bear it. @JudgeRinderTV looks bereft! #strictly
AnnekaRice Ok, limbering up ready for #Strictly after a great day in Oxford.It was #SuperScienceSaturday at the Museum of Nat…
AnnekaRice @curtisstigers @BBCRadio2 Why hello! Got an acronym for us?
AnnekaRice On Breakfast tomorrow @BBCRadio2,are you JAM? Or JAK,(like me, just about knackered). 6am! I'll be there if I just about manage to wake up
AnnekaRice @TR_Chapman On my way
AnnekaRice Might upgrade my phone today #blackfriday
AnnekaRice @NigelSlater Thanks. Am pressing Go New Tv now. My son reminded me our old tv at least as old as him (18)
AnnekaRice Curved or flat screen tv folks? Ours has just blown. Mind you, 10 years old
AnnekaRice @BBCOne It's Dr Who all over again ..
AnnekaRice I'm behind the sofa #themissing
AnnekaRice Ok, concentrate. SHORT HAIR = PRESENT DAY. That's all. #themissing
AnnekaRice Found my Montblanc,gone letter-writing mad.Took a few mins to get the wrist action again but now I'm obsessed. Brown ink, blue ink,who knew?
AnnekaRice Now digesting Lazarus at King's Cross Theatre. Will be back with you shortly. Blimey.