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AnnekaRice Good Morning! Didn't know it was safe to drink coffee as strong as mine this morning. Needed it. Had to scrape my way out of the front door.
AnnekaRice @jk_rowling @lumos What a brilliant charity
AnnekaRice @saveaswriters @tcmargate @bbcradio2 Really looking forward to hearing @HelenJMacdonald talk about her brilliant book H is for Hawk. 10pm
AnnekaRice @isobel_roge @youngvictheatre Ahem, look I know I gave you the ticket but 'Annie and the underdogs'? Think you are taking this too harshly x
AnnekaRice There he is again!
AnnekaRice Look here, did anyone else see James May in the garden during the archery? #WolfHall
AnnekaRice @jennyeclair No! He is perfect in every way. But did you seem James May just now (Top Gear)
AnnekaRice Mark Rylance is the Master of less is more - and I don't mean Thomas #WolfHall
AnnekaRice Are we all sitting comfortably - hysterical with excitement
AnnekaRice Call me old fashioned but I have gone to bed with a glass of champagne and Mark Rylance beckoning at 9pm #wolfhall. #Margate #Bracing
AnnekaRice Loved the exhibition. Thank you @TCMargate for all your help. Report on Arts Show on Fri @bbcradio2
AnnekaRice Margate fish and chips
AnnekaRice RT @ECHealey: Congratulations @HelenJMacdonald! Very very VERY well deserved. H is for Hawk is a truly wonderful book. @CostaBookAwards
AnnekaRice On the train to Margate to review the Self: Image and Identity exhibition @TCMargate. Woohoo, fish and chips on the beach
AnnekaRice Or even strong shortlist
AnnekaRice So happy for @HelenJMacdonald after her win @CostaBookAwards last night. String shortlist -but H is for Hawk is the perfect storm of a book
AnnekaRice What IS he doing there? Don't get this bit of plot. Who's supposed to be looking after him while Olivia's away? Broadchurch
AnnekaRice Blimey! WHERE ARE WE NOW?!(as David Bowie said so eloquently) #Broadchurch
AnnekaRice Devo Max sounds like a mysterious update on my computer - or the dress code to a party I'll never be invited to
AnnekaRice Knew this teddy knitted by a Treasure Hunt fan 30 years ago would find its place in life @BBCRadio4 #knittingday
AnnekaRice @HelenJMacdonald Just finished H is for Hawk. It was compelling,couldn't put it down. Good luck @CostaBookAwards on Tuesday.
AnnekaRice RT @ThatSimonRowley: @AnnekaRice me marking the spot where you landed in Cambridge on a #treasurehunt in 1983. Note my arms as rotablades! …
AnnekaRice Really regret emptying contents of kitchen cupboards onto kitchen floor. Seemed such a good idea an hour ago. Bugger
AnnekaRice @dawarwick @FiSHHelpBarnes You'll be fine if you go through an established charity like @ageuk. Good luck
AnnekaRice So pleased to hear that @dawarwick. I'm involved with a local service @FiSHHelpBarnes but there are befriending organisations everywhere
AnnekaRice Just googled why rubbing your head when you've crashed it against your bed post makes it feel better. Hmm, interesting.
AnnekaRice @gaz112 Riddle back next week!
AnnekaRice RT @stalkerbruce: Great way to start the day by talking to tv legend @AnnekaRice on @BBCRadio2 to play the feature 4 play and pick a tune o…
AnnekaRice @Kejal1 Why????
AnnekaRice We're in danger of going live in a few minutes @BBCRadio2. think I'm awake. Are you? If so, why??